obniz Board 1Y

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Development board which JavaScript controllable via the internet. 
This is new version of obniz Board.


  • Program from the Web. No App needed.
  • Javascript programming with obniz.js
  • Build in parts library
  • REST/Websocket API available to control an obniz
  • Max 1A @ each IO.
  • Over current protection
  • Sleep (Timer or Pin Interrupt)
  • Embed Display(STN), Switch, BLE available for users 


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  • obniz board 1Y
    • Include obniz cloud forever connection license(factory installed 1 obniz id and certification)
    • Include obniz cloud license(5MB free cloud file space and 3 Event(Webhook/Timer))
  • Cushioning material(Bloack sheat or Bubble wrap. You can trash it after arrive )
  • Paper box

About Sleep Function

obniz Board 1Y has a sleep function.
Sleep is entering low power consumption mode by shutting almost all functions.
It makes available working with batteries for long time by continueing sleep and wake up.

Below is example usages

  • Watering a plant in intervals.
  • Monitoring a temperature in intervals.
  • To handle nexpected events like humandetect or exceeding temperature.

Learn more


About Wifi

  • 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)。VPN and other specific environment can't be used. See more details on official page.

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